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Project Learn Belize Scholars

June, 2011 saw the first Project Learn Belize scholarships awarded to four Sacred Heart School graduates who otherwise would not be able to continue their education in high school (over $500/year, as opposed to the grade school tuition of $20). The intention is to support these students through all four years of their secondary education. In the past three years, Project Learn Belize has presented 15 scholarships , totaling over $14,000 to deserving graduates of Sacred Heart Primary School, Dangriga. Project Learn Belize joins in the hope that one day the nation of Belize and its government will learn what we have learned, that the most vital resources of this country is not tourism, nor citrus, nor expanded drilling for oil. Above all else, the promise of a successful and prosperous future for Belize is the education of ALL children through their high school years. A family’s ability to pay for schooling should never determine who is educated and who is left without. It is not a matter of politics or political parties in power; it is a matter of justice for all, for the strength and vitality of Belize.

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