While Dangriga is the third largest town in Belize, its relatively small population of 11,600 is such that efforts of Project Learn Belize not only impact USF participants, but promises significant contributions to the growth and development of the community. In October 2007, Project Learn Belize received the endorsement of the President of the University of San Francisco and the Dean of the School of Education. Shortly after, the University of San Francisco, to be housed in the School of Education, established a restricted gifts account fund for Project Learn Belize.

Project Learn Belize should be considered not so much a single program, but many ventures into which various members, inside and outside the USF community can enter. The unifying feature of these efforts is their “educational” nature, in the least restrictive sense. Education must address both hearts and minds; it must attend to all dimensions – social, cultural, health, economic, spiritual – that allow true learning to occur.

That allows true learning to occur.