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 Lesson Plans

Sacred Heart School:  Summer Camp Activities

  •  Be a Bully Buster – Students look at the role of bystanders in instances of unkind behavior and identify ways to respond.  (Estimated Time: 50 minutes)
  • The Caring Being – Students explore positive v. negative behaviors and social interactions.  (Estimated Time:  40 minutes)
  • Conscious Acts of Caring – Students record moments of kindness, caring and compassion thru written stories, pictures, poetry, etc. (Estimated Time:  40-45 minutes)
  • Conflict Escalates  – Using stories, students identify how conflicts get worse.  (Estimated Time:  45 minutes)
  • The Ridicule Free Zone:  Constitution of Caring – Students explore pos. v. neg. behaviors & social interactions, towards committing to making their classroom a Ridicule-Free Zone.  (Estimated Time:  45-50 minutes)
  • Creating a Peace Place – Students brainstorm how to set up and use a “Peace Place”: a special place to go when someone needs to center him/her self or is feeling upset or angry.  (Estimated Time:  40-50 minutes)
  • How Would You Feel If… – Students explore empathy and naming feelings.  (Estimated Time:  40 – 45 minutes)
  • Torn Heart – Students explore the effects of “put downs” and “put ups”.  (Estimated Time:  50 minutes)
  • Walk in Another’s Shoes – Students explore two different points of view in a conflict and explore the limits of teasing.  (Estimated Time:  50 minutes)

Hints For Working in the Classroom